Cinnamon Rolls out of Pizza dough

I have been experimenting with my pizza dough trying to make a Cinn. Roll. I would like to use the same 7 minutes and temp. that I use on my conveyor belt oven as I do for my pizzas.

Does anyone have a surefire way to get a product baked all the way through? Seems the outside comes out good but inside is still uncooked.

Any help would be great.

Try making mini cini rolls we used a 7" alluminum round and put 7 in each one ran them through came out great

And when they come out of the oven try putting a little melted butter on top of the rolls, then allow to cool for a few minutes and apply a powdered sugar-water icing. Make the icing by mixing together hot water and powdered sugar. You can do this in a 2 quart size bowl with a metal spoon or hand whip. Add just enough water to give the icing a good pouring consistency, then pour from the bowl into a squeeze bottle and apply to the rolls from this bottle. Stripe the icing onto the top of the rolls and serve. Looks great, tastes great too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor