Cintas Uniform Co.

I’ve had no problems with Cintas so far, towels, aprons, and rugs once a week… used to buy them at Costco and wash them once and throw them away but it was a hassle. We have a laundry mat a block away but it was still a pain. Really, I hate that I signed a 5 year freakin’ contract and if I had to do over again, I would refuse the contract and if they didn’t want to do business, I would have moved on. I get their min basically which runs me about 30 bucks a week. They charge ‘insurance’ now for the damaged towels but I dropped it and my driver said he’d never charge me as our stuff never gets that dirty. We’ll see about that. He has one mexican shop in town that just destroys the towels and they get moldy to boot, he said he just dumps the whole bag in the garbage… the insurance is more for customers like them and industrial businesses. So that was cool, cause 2 bucks a week for insurance when I know how lightly used the towels usually are would grind my gears. They would also occasionally drop off aprons that were cut or ripped and I would point this out when he picked them up so we wouldn’t get blamed. Personally I don’t think they even check, how could they?

costo here, play guitar in the laundry mat, had some of my best jams there ( good acoustics!)used a service 1st year we opened, then bought our own laundry and washed ourselves (me) lets see 27 years X 12 months @ 300 per month, saved $97,200.00 wowweeeeeeee !!! also bought 7 co2 tanks and take them to get filled 2x a year, save a lot there too…thanks for the reminder ! need to throw away all towels and go to costco !!!

Having a washer/dryer on site is perfectly safe as long as you don’t dry on high. The heat will start a fire. So you have to have someone that you can trust 100% to not crank up the heat.

I’ve never had a problem w/ insurance, health inspections, or fire inspections.

IMO it’s definitely worth saving the money