Claim from Equal opportunity commission anyone?

Anyone ever had to deal with the Equal Employment opportunity commission?

Got a letter from them about an employee who was let go about 15 months ago, claiming she was terminated after being harassed at work

1000000% false statement.

Anyway just wondering how these things go normally, never have been in this situation before. Its a long story don’t want to get into it here. But this claim is so far from the truth it hurts my head to even think about

They are asking for documentation supporting her claim and my side of the story

I had a claim from a POS that claimed he was fired because he was a Christian. Just about everyone working for me fits this bill but he filed the claim anyway. After a month or so of stress about it we met for a mediation. We wound up settleing for $700 plus a written re
commendation for the guy. Research EEOC and I thinl you will find they are more bark than bite.

i would spend 50k in legal fees before giving her a dime! This is so wrong and it sends a message to people that its ok to take advantage of people, if you just settle.

Wait, What?
How, or why did you settle? I would’ve fought that until my dying day (or the claimants dying day, which could very well happen sooner than planned if they came at me with stupidity like that)

So far, I have not had the pleasure of dealing with anything like this, lets hope it stays that way.

And I’m not going to mediate, I’m not going to be in the same room as her for any reason.

Words can’t express how wrong this is, She’s looking for a free ride and is bothered that We are both young and i am seen as having money and a good life as where she does not have either

Thats the only logical explanation for this.

From what i am reading, they have no authority or legal standing period. They are merely a public run defense attorney.

Most don’t want to work! All they KNOW is how to fill out forms to get FREE stuff!

Do you have employment practices coverage? Contact your insurance agent.

A little yes, I think 15k coverage.

We called them when this all started, then it went away. That was 15 months ago. Now it’s coming up again

Then it is their problem. That is why you have the insurance. Call them again.

Back in my day, this is called legalized extortion!