clams pizza for Fridays

I am considering doing a clams pizza on Fridays, to compete with most of the restaurants here that serve fish on Friday,

I simply plan to top my “white pizza” which has not tomatoe sauce on it, with the clams…
anything else…

I have has clam pizza before and liked it…
think the east coast has more of that.
anybody with experience with clam pizza, please let me know,

Considered doing “baby clams”? Might menu better than just clams… or then again, maybe not.

Anyways, why not shoot for a pizza version of Clam Chowder. Use a cream based sauce (Alfredo?), onions, maybe some roasted potatoes (cut very small) and garnish with parsley after baking.

Man, that sounds good - I might go scare my employees and whip up that pizza for lunch! Might even throw some Oyster Crackers on it right before eating for some crunch… here comes a starch overload.

Otis, the recipes I’ve seen in the magazines add some chopped garlic to it as well. The right ratio could be pretty good.

Since there won’t be nearly enough fat and cholesterol in that pie, I might suggest just a hint of bacon for that (white) chowder goodness. Let’s not even get into the Manhattan version debate.

DANG! I gotta get one of those working in my R&D department! Sure the BBQ Chiken pie will be well-recieved, but the niche for this could be a nice addition . . . clams and/or chowder pizza.

Let’s make some clam pies !

I am planning to, would like to hear from someone out there doing it.

More than recipes, I am more interested at theis time in the aspects of marketing, sale distribution on days, I plan to do it Friday only…some product considerations on that.

anybody actually doing a once a week special pizza…
I did the Valentines thing last year, was just OK…maybe more this year

look forward to hearing from you…thanks for the other stuff guys,

Hmm. The whole “chowder pie” DOES sound good.
Where are you all planning to get the little squiggly bits?

Sings… “Clamabration ! Come on and clamerate and have a good time. We gonna have a good time tonight, let’s clamerate… it’s all right. Clamaration !”