Classified section

As you guys can see we have added a forum for the classifieds. It redirects to the module that we set up. I hope this is a good compromise. The functionality of the classifieds is great for us but we understand why you guys would want something with more visibility. Hopefully it will get some use.

I think we all wanted it to be an actual forum type deal where you can start a thread and have others post in it. Not just a shortcut link.

In the module(make sure you signed in) you can post questions and reply to them.

Like I said, its a compromise :slight_smile:

Whats the reasoning behind not putting it in the forum? Just wondering.

And is it going to be standard operating to delete certain type of ads?..I see the ad I posted has been “zapped” already…

There is a strict “No Magnets” policy.

I am not sure why items were removed. I am looking into this and will post guidelines when I know something.

maybe its just me, but…

the classified section fails to “appear” when using the firefox browser…works under explorer, but…

Looks like the classified ad I posted is gone too - and I’m a paying advertiser in your magazine and online! Any reason for this? Thanks

I was told to take them down.

Please forward any questions to

This is why the classified page is stupid IMO. Any other forum would just let the seller make a thread and buyers can post and ask questions or offers, and you can sell whatever it is that you want (except the obvious).

And decent forum software can be set to prune a forum after a specific time, allowing old ads to be automatically deleted.