Classifieds are now a forum

Lots of you guys have been wanting this. Sorry it took so long to get done, its been busy around here.

If you guys have posted something in the old classifieds you can relist it here.

In a few days we will quit running them in parallel and just link the “Classifieds” button at the top to it.

Wow, thanks Tim!

Thanks Tim.

Only one problem with having the classifieds listed like this. Everyone with an ad will keep “bumping” their ad to keep it on the top. Any way to keep the posts in the order they were initially posted as opposed to most recently replied to on top?

Technically, there are not separate “classifications” so it is not a “classified” section. :lol:

I would just see how it goes for awhile and then make changes to address issues. It is a good start.