Does anyone here know where we could get clay boxes? I believe the price is a lot less than the normal ones.

We’re looking to use these for our larger catering/events like at the car/motorcycle dealerships. We go through 50-100 of them and the box is in the trash inthe 1st 5 minutes after delivery. Seems like a waste. Thanks!

You will have problems delivering these orders in clay boxes without the boxes crushing.

We do use the box savers in the center so we should be OK (i thnk!)

clay boxes won’t stand up when they’re stacked… The price is tempting, but they are lower quality.

don’t do it you will regret it

what are “clay” boxes?

I use clay boxes for small pizzas and bread sticks. I wouldn’t recommend using them for any larger sized pizzas. They will collapse and also will be very flimsy with a larger sized pizza. They also get soggy.

They are made of something like posterboard. They’re the ultra- cheap boxes. You could use them for delivery of a 10" or for carry-out of leftovers. If you stack them, you’ll end up with a mess. If you’re REALLY serious about it, you could build an insert for an 8-pizza bag so that each pizza would sit on a “shelf”. It would work only for these larger orders and the bag would need to be taken inside and then just unload the boxes side by side (again, don’t stack).

The time to assemble is higher than standard cardboard boxes as well.

All-righty I guess it was a good concept - bad idea. I’m at 25¢ for a 16" box so I guess I’ll just keep it there.

Thanks all!

If these are like the bakery boxes I can get, the price isn’t going to be so much better unless you are talking about large vloume. I’d pay 16 cents for a 10"x10"x2.5" bakery box.

You could try to get some unprinted, or stock printed boxes for such an occasion, and just put up colorful paper banners for your point of eating marketing.

A while back there was a post from someone about plastic bags with a cardboard insert that were somewhat cheaper than a full box…I could not find it but maybe someone else can dig it up…

I remember those from the Vegas show - I have a sample one at the store. I just don’t see how you could stack those without destorying the pizza.

It is a waste !

We recently catered an event for the Human Society held outside at a park. The driver brought 15 pies first hour 20 pies second our and 15 pies third hour. As we tore through the pies selling slices, the boxes began to stack up behind our counter and I began to figure out the cost.

Our 16" boxes cost us .41 a piece. If we had another way to transport and serve the pizza for a catering event such as this, we would have saved $20.50.

I don’t know about you guys, but there’s a way to save $20 bucks or $2 bucks I want to do it ! The more you save is the more you earn.