Cleaning a deck oven. Newbie needs advice.

I have blodgett deck ovens and I have absolutely no idea how to clean them. Are there “tools” for this? My gut tells me to scrape off the burnt cheese and then brush out the rest, but how is this done? Do you do it hot or let cool overnight and then clean?

I though about using a shop vac on a cool oven to get all the ash and dust out.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

I take the scraper then scrape out all the i can… after that i take a cup full clubsoda and salt and throw it in the oven it … i then place a rag on the scraper and scrape away, the oven must be on and the stones come out like new… i usually do this a few times a week… it takes a few cups… good luck let me know how it works for you

I thought liquid on the stones was a bad idea?

Has never failed me… i’ve been cleaning ovens like that since im 15 and started in the biz… im almost 23 now… its truly the only way to get the stones spotless… trustme… you’ll be amazed what they look like afterwards…

And regarding the original post - you need an oven scraper. It’s a standard item - most food companies even stock it. Long handle with a two-sided head. One side is for scraping, and the other side is a brass-bristle brush.

I was always told to never throw liquid onto the stones. That it would cause the stones to crack.

I’d think scrapping and brushing would be enough.

scraping does not fully clean the stones… i have never ever ever had a stone crack on me… not in a blodgett bakers pride or marsala oven… club soda and salt get the stones looking brand new… and gets all the grease out of the stone scraping does not do it

PIZZA MAN MIKE IS RIGHT. Please note that he said club soda. You have to use carbonated water. I use exactly the same procedure & have for years. When you wrap the rag against the end of the scraper and do the clean up you will see how well it works.

How much salt into how much carbonated water? Also, is the oven at baking temp? Sorry for all the questions but I want to do it right.

Thanks for all the input. Looking forward to having a nice clean oven!

just put like 3 tbsp on salt, into a large cup of club soda… wrap your oven scraper with a rag… (you will go through more then one rag wait till you see how dirty it gets!) splash the cup in the oven at baking temp and wipe away. you are going to need more then just one cup per oven … you will go through a few… good luck … let us know how it works for you…

Dont clean it! Thats like washing away all the flavor… I have been cooking pies in my bakers pride for 3 yrs and have never washed the stones. Just sweep the stones with your oven brush, and dont worry about what they look like, thats whats giving your pies flavor.

CLEAN YOUR OVENS!!! nobody like 3 year old grease… thats like sayiing dont clean your frying pans, it tastes better when you use them dirty… clean your ovens at least onece a week