Cleaning a MM360

I know I asked a few weeks back if any of you have your ovens cleaned by an outside company. But we finally got the warranty provider for our oven to give us a quote on what it would cost to have our oven completely cleaned & lubricated. It came out to right at $900!!!

I thought that was a little crazy and wanted to know what the rest of you that had a service provider paid if you don’t mind…

I pay $150 per deck to have my ovens disassembled and cleaned. The hood is included for free.

Hi TexasRookie

WOW $900.00 that’s absurd. Paul says he pays $150. 00. That’s about right.

I suggest you phone other operators in your area perhaps one of them can give you a name.

George Mills

Texas rookie Pm me or call 580-333-1300 let me know where your at i have some connections around the DFW area used to work for Dominos there


ps if your close enough i might even come down and show you how since we had to do it as part of our store inspection