Cleaning a Spiral Mixer

This topic came up in another post…how does everyone clean out there spiral mixers with non-removeable bowls? I am interested in any unique ideas and pictures if possible.



My approach is to put a couple gallons of HOT water into the mixer, swish it around, and up the sides of the bowl with a plastic bristle pot brush, then cover the bowl with a sheet of plastic and allow it to steam for 15 to 30-minutes. This will soften the dough and make the final scrubbing much easier. After scrubbing, if you followed my advice and bought a mixer with a drain plug in the bowl, remove the plug and drain into a suitable container, follow up with a rinse and then sanitize, and replace the drain plug. If the bowl doesn’t have a drain plug, pretend you’re in a boat that is leaking, and begin to bail the water out (think plastic bowl), when all of the water is bailed out, add some more hot water to rinse, and repeat, when clean, sanitize, and make note to self: Next time buy mixer with drain plug. That little feature just makes cleaning the bowl so much easier. I can’t imagine any manufacturer not putting them into the bowls, but they do, or do not, depending upon your perspective.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor