Cleaning Cheese Slicer... best way to do it?

I use a meat slicer and cut my Mozz on slices instead of shredded… but after we’re finished the Mozz is all over the blade.

Currently we use a pizza spactula and scrape the cheese off the blade while running… yes it’s dangerous but nothing else seems to work.

Any ideas?

Thanks all!

What about maybe trying some Dawn and a green scrubbie? I don’t know if that will do the trick, but the Dawn might just help break down the cheese, and the scrubbie should chew right through it. Something that might help keep the slicer from getting quite so messy in the first place would be to try putting the cheese in the freezer for something like 15-20 minutes first to let it get a bit harder. If it is harder it just might not smear all over the blade. Good luck!

I have found that if i spray Pam on the blade before I start to slice anything the cleanup is much easier.

We tried the green scrub pads… they gunk up with cheese so fast it’s a pain. Even used those metal steel wool like scrubbies, they work a bit better then green scrubbies.
Dish soap dosent like to cut through it either, expecially if it sits there for more then 15 min and gets hard.

I have not tested Pam on the blade though, i’ll try that out tonight and see how it works.

Thanks guys!

I’ve not had the pleasure of cleaning one, but my first instincts would be either a degreaser . . . or pre-soak enzyme. That’s the stuff used to soak silverware before washing to break down the food some. Could work.

try soaking it in really really hot water then using the spray arm in your dish room with water as hot as you can get it, if the blade is warm, the cheese will come off easier. I would stop using the method you’re using now as it is very dangerous and it could possibly damage your blade.