Cleaning Oven

I’m looking for chemicals to clean a very dirty oven. I need something that can remove baked on carbon deposits. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I live in a rural area so having someone else clean it is not an option.

We used to use degreaser and a wire brush…soak in a deep sink, use wire brush and brillo pads.


I use ProForce oven cleaner from Sam’s Club (it’s made by Ecolab). It works great and is fairly cheap. See … tem=360261.

By the way, I also used it on the make-up air vent and it work great there too.

Not sure why I can’t edit anymore… The link above should be: … tem=360261 … waog1.html

Is what we use. We get it from Sysco. It’s great.

Not sure if u talking Deck or conv oven. Sounds like deck.

The places i have worked with decks, never seen much problem, a few would throw a ton of salt in then use a scrapper to get all the crud off.

Conv ovens. Would just take apart belts, and the fingers. take it all down to local car wash and blast away.