Cleaning the Grease Trap?

We are getting ready to clean our grease trap, again. We have the in-store small unit. We dip the water out of the tank, then scrape the grease out and throw it in the trash. My question is, what do you do with the water? I don’t want to put water in the dumpster, but it is semi greasy water, with a few small chunks. Is it okay to dump out back somewhere? What else would I do with it?

I’ll take any ideas on the best way to clean them as well. Thanks.

If it has even a minimal amount of grease, I would dump it in the dumpster. Your case sounds easy compared to mine. In my case I can’t seem to be able to open it up myself. The kind of screws that my grease trap has is different than all my screw driver, and I’m anything but a handyman.

:roll: try saving some empty plastic jugs–fill them up and put in dumpster near bottom–if they see it they may not pick up-- and you do clean it in a very off time so as not to stink up the neighborhood lol I lost my sense of smell and they say they can smell it a block away

Could you just put that water back in the grease trap? I have never cleaned one myself as I have always had the big outdoor ones that a pumping company empties but it is just a thought. Good luck!

If you 55 gallon drums for your used fryer oil, I’d put it in there. It gets recycled and they’ll filter out water etc.

I don’t have fryers, or 55 gallon drums. Good idea though.

I have a creek out back. Is it against the law to dump it?

:lol: Uh, yeah.