cleaning the oven

anyone have a step by step guide to cleaning a middlby marshal conv.?
I cant get to the fingers

You need to remove the belt from the deck, pull the deck from the oven, pull endcaps off and slide the fingers out from either end. (That’s the simple explanation)
When done right, it should take you a couple of hours per deck. I have one of my employees do it for a bit of money on the side(he does it for other people on the side also)

Here is a link to online manuals you can download

Hi rock star:

Best you hire the local Middleby service company to come in and show you how to disassemble and clean those beasts the first time.

Pay special attention to the re assembling many folks mess that up and the oven does not work well thereafter.

You are looking at 4 to 6 hours if a double set.

You are about to encounter one of the reasons most major operators are dumping the old MM PS 360 ovens they are so difficult to clean that operators do not clean them often enough. The trash that accumulates in the bottom soon begins to contaminate the taste of the pizzas.

Add the above to the vastly greater operating costs and little wonder those are flooding the market used.

George Mills