cleaning tile and grout

Hello all,

I’m trying to find out if there’s some product or technique that could be used to help clean the grout in my shop. We have terra cotta tile with white (!!!) grout in the kitchen and the dining area. The shop is about 5 years old (I’ve had it for almost 2 years). It’s holding up very nicely except it’s a bear to scrub & clean. We dry mop it with bleach and water each night–two or three times in the Spring and salty times of year. I’d like to give it a good cleaning and re-seal the grout so I was wondering if there’s any miracle products out there you may know of. I thought about renting a commercial carpet scrubber–one of those round hard-bristled things would make quick work of it maybe, but I don’t want to scratch the tile either. Any ideas?

Thanks, as always.

I have used a steam cleaner with good success. White will be really hard to get white again. Maybe you could ask if it is ok to put clorox and water into a steam cleaner.

Well, the beg daddy would be muriatic acid. You can find it at home renovaton stores sold as concrete cleaner. Also try out the bathroom cleaning section of your department store and see what they are using for cleaning bathtub grout. Might find a surprising treasure.

I would think that something like TSP (tri-sodium phosphate) might be useful, or sodium carbonate - not baking soda. It is the bleaching agent for colored fabrics, sold as “washing sode” in grocery stores and department stores. These things sprayed on with a garden sprayer and allowed to sit a few minutes may help you out.

Once you do find a way to clean it, look for a good grout sealer to make it easier. A high end polyurethane at least. Seals up that pourous concrete they call grout,and will hold less food/gunk.