closed on easter sunday?

hey, just wanted to get some thoughts on folks about whether you plan to be open on easter sunday or will close. those who stay open, are you very busy?


I will be closed easter. here is lastyears discussion on the same question.

closed easter this year,every year

We’ll open at 4pm. The stores I’ve worked in have averaged around $500. I think the big thing is that you’ll gain 2 to 3 new customers from being open. Customers that usually order someplace else will find their place to be closed so they’ll come to us.

my store will be closed. It’s not worth it to be open labor wise.

We stay open for easter, we take about $800 with one staff on and one delivery driver, Its worth it more than opening on an average monday. Hope this helps. Good luck

We didn’t open until 4 pm last year. Sales were down over the previous year (when we were open at 11 am) by $100. I can’t turn down 2k in 5 hours or I would be closed the entire day…

I live in a small town where everyone goes to church on sunday, plus most of my employees have families and I think it will be nice to let them spend easter with their loved ones.

We open every day except Christmas Day.

Good Friday takings are about 50% of normal Fridays and the rest of the weekend is slower as well. Monday is about double normal takings.

All in all I think everyone is too full of Easter Eggs.

don’t be greedy, take the day off. if you can’t afford to close, shame on you.

Shame on you easter bunny for judgeing those of us who choose take every competitive advantage our capitalist society offers us. I guess you favor those who work in a socialist society and leave a few more eggs for them! :slight_smile:

. . . . some of us just have to pay the bills. A work day is a work day when the rent is due.

Yeah, especially when you are paying $5K + for rent, electriity and gas per month.

Shame there are only 7 days in a week. If there were eight we may get a little profit :slight_smile:

thats all???

Ditto…to the “t”

I might be alone on this but let me give it a shot. Let me know if this has ever happened to any of you guys. Have you ever over-thought something to such an extreme something entirely idiotic comes out ?

It’s 3:27am a couple weeks ago and I’m ‘brainstorming’ ways to get us out of the red. Then this thought crosses my mind that causes me to shut everything down mentally and physically for the night and laugh myself all the way to bed over the stupidity of the sleep deprived idea…

“We’d make a lot more money if we didn’t have so many BILLS to pay !”

Arrrggg… the next day we planned a family get-a-way for two days to recharge the batteries and get my mind right again.

td- what kind of mushrooms are you eating…

as for those who can’t afford to close… you should ask yourself how you can afford to be open on easter.

see you at the egg hunt…