Closed on the sale of my #2 store yesterday

We sat at the table. We signed the papers. They gave me the money. Feels good.

Locaton #1 is still for sale.

Snow is falling.

Life moves on.

Hey congratulations Bodega!! That “AAAHHHhhhhhh” feeling is fantastic! I had it when I sold my store (non-pizza) a couple of years ago. Say…wanna reinvest that windfall in a little delco on the prairie?? :wink:

Congratulations! :smiley:

Congratulations Steve. I know it was a long time coming.

Fantastic, Steve! Congratulations!

Good for you Steve…hopefully the 2nd one will be soon to follow.


FAily new here and wondering why we are all happy that he sold his store? I wanna own a store but is it like a corvett owners life the best day is when he gets it the second best day is when he sells it?

I don’t know Steve personally, but it seems his shops are pretty successful. He probably turned a tidy little profit on the sale.

For some owners (like myself), this is just a business. I’m passionate about my business but I don’t have passion for the pizza or restaurant business in general. I opened my shop because I saw an opportunity. I never “dreamed” of owning a restaurant. If somebody offered me the right price today I’d be popping the champagne tonight. I’d never look back at all.

My goal is to sell the business (or a portion of it) for significantly more than I’ve put into it. It’s an investment for me, I’m not passionate enough about it to make it a living. For like minded owners, selling is a big reason to be happy :smiley:

Congrats! They say the second happiest day of a guys life is when he buys a boat. The best is when he sells it. I think they confused boats with pizzerias though. I’m happy for you.

Congrats. Life does move on in ways it needs to but it really doesn’t go far enough after a sale of something like your shop.

Good Luck. I have it still running through my bloodstream but I won’t touch the idea again until this economy has a slight sign of improvement.