Closed the store yesterday

So I decided to close the store yesterday to take the staff to the beach for a BBQ and boating. I was worried about how much it was going to put me back in sales as we usually do about 1100-1400 on a Sunday from noon to 9pm. I put a message on the answering machine saying we would be closed for the day because we think happy staff makes for happy customers and even though we would lose some sales we think it is important to show our staff we appreciate them and we hope that they will call us next timethey want to order. We also put signs on our front door explaining what we were going to do. Well I checked the call display this morning and we missed 52 calls so that hurt a bit but when I checked my answering machine I had a number of people that left messages saying wow that was nice of you to treat your staff to a fun day and dont worry we will still call and order from you next time. I also had a number of people tell me today what a great idea that was. The reason I am posting this is just to remind everyone that sometimes it cost us money to do stuff like this but in the eyes of the customers it makes us look good just let them know why you are closed they will understand!

We close each year for a staff party in the spring. This year we went rafting on the Colorado river (about an hour away) and had a great time. The staff loves doing it and always says thankyou. We take a lot of pictures and put them on the bulletin board in the pick up area of the store. A lot of customers look at them while waiting and comment that it looks like a fun time and a good place to work.

Pizzaguy is right. It is well worth it to do this once in a while.

That is a great idea I am going to post them for customers to see. I already have a facebook site they will be going on but I like the idea of people seeing them when they come into the stre. Thanks for the idea!

Employees put other pictures of themselves having a good time on that board as well. I find I have to police it a little bit, but mostly it is good fun. We now have pictures from several years up there. When nobody in a particular picture works in the store any more, it comes down.