Closing Checklist?

Do any of you have a closing checklist you can share with me? I have a pretty new crew and they keep missing things.

Kitchen or FOH?


Crusher, this may be better for you than a copy of someone else’s closing checklist…

Keep the new guys late, and go over everything that needs to be done, have them write the list down as you walk through. Afterwards, you can print out the lists for daily usage. While you’re doing the walk-thru, be sure to go over standards and methods, and location of supplies.

Pay employees
request security deposits back
turn off utilities
notify department of revenue
sell equipment
pay vendors
broom sweep interior after equipment removed…

Oh, that kind of closing list. In this economy, you start to think the wrong things.

Ok not too sound like a smart a$$ but how many of you have shown up in the morning and not had the closing employees…ummm… LOCK THE DOOR??? :shock:

Now I have never personally experienced this but have quite a few friends and business relationships that I have heard of this happening too.

This happened at both of my locations in the same week last month. Must have been some weird planetary alignment going on.

We have great lists…we just have employees who don’t want to use them. They think that they can remember all the items on the list and guess what…they usually forget something. Very frustrating at times.

I have done this 3 times this summer. I always lock the front door and leave out the back, but sometimes someone will unlock the door to go out the front and I’ll forget to go back and lock it behind them. I have a really good alarm system, so if someone just tries to open the door and finds it unlocked, the alarm will go off.

Now that we are being honest, my first shop I owned in the early 90’s has all kinds of stories. One Friday night, I left the deposit bag out in front of the shop on top of the garbage can. I found it Saturday morning :oops: