Clothing Collection Bins

When I got my new building, there were two clothing collection bins in the very small parking lot. I called the company Usagain, and asks for them to be removed. They said it would be a week or two. So after three weeks I called again and they said it would be that day or the next. 3 days later and they are still here and in my way. It’s going on a month since I asked for them to be removed from the property. I’m debating chaining them to the building and telling them they are now mine and are $500 each to get them back. Or selling them to a metal recycling company. Any idea what would happen if I did that?

  1. Do you have some space behind the building or somewhere else where you can just move them out of the way?

  2. Do you own or rent? If you rent, make it your landlord’s problem. If you own, tell them they have 24 hours to pick them up or you will have them removed and disposed of.

we had the same problem a few years ago…we called and asking them to be removed more than a few times we even caught the pick up guys a few times and told them to get them out of there. after no response we just pushed them out into the street…they were gone in a few hours. they did drop off more boxes. those also went into the street. they got the hint after that.