Cloud based POS

Are there any good cloud based POS system that i can just log in from my computers internet browser. Also it would be good for it to be quickbooks compatible.

Where do I start…as all of you probably know, there are enough Cloud Based systems out there to make your head spin. I don’t believe, and I could certainly be wrong, there isn’t a good fit YET for the large pizza business. If you are a really small business, there are plenty of Cloud Based options with some sort of Quickbooks interface (import/export/direct interface etc). I have been a reseller in the POS Market for 15 years and have been on the battlefield of the markets evolution. As a reseller, any cloud based system, must have all the features available in the traditional POS. This is where most Cloud based systems are struggling. Sure they all say they can do this or that, but when it comes down to it, they either can’t or they require 6 extra steps to get the job done. Don’t get me wrong, I’m in the business to sell POS, traditional and cloud based. However, I’m not in the business to sell someone something that I know will not fit their requirements. Be careful when doing your research. The other concern I have is the use of consumer grade products (iPad, Android, Tablets) for commercial use. Will these products hold up in the long run? Traditional POS equipment will generally last 5-7 years before replacement is needed. I just don’t believe the tablets will have that longevity, although you can buy a lot of tablets for the cost of traditional hardware, the frustration factor still exists. If you go to a complete tablet system, you have to worry about your wireless network going down, which will leave you completely dead in the water. We recommend having at least one hard wired terminal to combat this disaster. I could continue with many of the concerns to be aware of, but this is already a lengthy post. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have on your search and Good Luck!

Any new thoughts on the cloud based systems Solutions Gal? As you mentioned my head is spinning with all the options. Specifically any thoughts on Lavu and Revel systems?

From your perspective Hudson, what are the advantages of cloud based POS versus a traditional POS?