Cloud POS and Accounting

Hello to everyone and thanks for all the information.

I could give my story but lets just see if anyone else is looking at what I am looking at. I currently run Point of S. I would like a cloud based solution, with Caller ID preferably VOIP supported. looks interesting but have not connected with them yet. Tested Fresh Books looked at Wave and for some reason I am not interested in Qbooks. But then it dawned on me to ask my fellow tradesmen and women. I would like a scalable and reproducible solution so we can grow our business. I also like the idea of remote login from any internet connection or device on hand.

I think Google’s ecosystem could be a great place to do business from. example: Xero, Rhino and Wave. I have ordered a chromebook in anticipation.

We have been operating for 3.5 years in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Glad to be on board.
Ronny’s Pizza

Tho you state QB is out, it really is a great solution, even tho I run a very old version…

But what I do is access it remotely thru my I pad often…

I’ve looked @ FreshBooks @ have Bookkeeping3 on my ipad, but prefer QB…

QB seems to be the standard in the industry but I think they could lose that position quickly to other more robust and flexible solutions. I would like to hear from everyone what they are using and if anyone is moving to the cloud. I love the concept of not running a server based system in my shop. (primarily regarding the POS)

Any and all thoughts welcome.