Clover POS

Anyone have any experience with trying to use Clover and it’s app market to support a take out and delivery pizzeria, including online and mobile ordering and loyalty?

I’m not sure about Clover but you could try this software
It’s awesome)

5 different reps. Lots of dodging and they only allow you to use their CC processor sent me in another direction…

IF and that’s a big IF, it’s setup properly in the beginning, Clover could be a real good POS. It has a lot of apps on the marketplace that can do just about anything you want BUT each one will add up in monthly costs. There are some free apps that work well too though.

I’m struggling with mine since it was never set up right - customizable pizzas, half and halfs, modifiers etc. were messed up. AND their tech support isn’t that great. Their merchant support is good though. I even tried to find out if I could pay someone to reprogram my POS but I can’t find anyone. I bought mine from Sam’s Club and they’re no help with support. I met Clover (corporate) at a trade show and they said if I had bought directly from them, they would be able to help. What a way to keep me buying Clover and making referrals (sarcasm)!

That’s the good and bad.

First Data | Ignite, and now CardConnect ISA here! We do sell Clover POS…

HOWEVER, Clover is a really good POS for small retailers only.
It does NOT work for restaurants, especially for pizza shops and especially for shops with high volume and I personally have never offered it as a considerable solution to restaurant owners, regardless of their volume. At small restaurants like deli shops etc. where the menu is not complicated, it might work but still it can be really costly depending on the apps used.

For small retailers however, is perfect if you’re willing to use CardConnect as your processor since there is no other option.
It’s really low priced, nice design, fast & reliable and has many nice features and 3rd party apps.

It is just not designed for restaurants!