Co-Packing For Huge Orders!

Hi all,

I was approached by a long-time customer about partnering up with him. His concession stand sells 1500 pizzas+ per week. Their current pizzas are your standard, frozen pies from a distributor. They’re willing to increase their prices slightly to get my product in the door! I’ve met with 1 local co-packer who didn’t seem very knowledgeable/interested in winning my business… this can’t be the norm. Anyband all help is greatly appreciated guys (and gals)!


As long as the pizzas have no meat on them you will be fine selling them to someone who sells to someone else. If they do have meat, you will need USDA inspections, HAACP training and a HAACP plan, and a separate area to make the pizzas. If I were you, I would tell them to buy the toppings and you supply the cheese pizzas.
Sounds like a great opportunity.

Definitely a great opportunity. No meat is involved - plain cheese pies only. Any advice on average costs for co-packing?

We par-bake our crust then freeze them. The next day we take the crust and put sauce and cheese on them, shrink wrap them and put ten pizzas in a box and put them right back in the freezer. Our labor cost is 65 cents per pizza. Add your food costs to that and determine what profit you want per pizza.
In your situation, things may be a lot different. Do they want fresh? Do they want delivery? Do they want one pizza per box? All of these questions will make the cost per pizza vary.

When I get into something new, I think each step through. Just make sure you don’t sell yourself short.

In the baking industry we use 2.5 X the ingredient cost as the minimum cost for the “product” out of the back door. By this I mean 2.5 X the ingredient cost will cover what it costs to make the product, it does not include packaging, distribution or profit margins.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor