Coated Leavening

Does anyone know of a company or distributor that would carry a Coated Leavening? I tried my Sysco rep and he said they do not.

Do a search in this forum of “fat encapsulated”

You’ll find several threads with the information you’re likely interested in learning.

Quote from one post:
“As was mentioned, Sodium Aluminum Phosphate is also used quite successfully, in take and bake pizza dough formulations, but to be effective, it must be fat encapsulated. This is available from The Wright Group, under the name “WRISE” it is a balanced blend of sodium aluminum phosphate and soda pre-encapsulated and ready to use. To get a sample, or make a purchase, call 337-783-3096 and tell them that you want information on their product called Wrise. If you are looking for t&b dough formulas, I’ve got several of them posted in the RECIPE BANK. Just use the word “dough” as your search word.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor”

This thread may interest you: … 14d5#25012