Coating on Hearth Bake Disks

I am interested in the Hearth Bake Disks, but am concerned about the coating.

There is a lot of bad press about “non stick” coating and how it is bad for you. Whether that is true or not does not matter. What matters is that my customer thinks it is true.

If I were to use HBD, how would I address this perception with my customer?

My suggestion is to contact Paul Tiffany at Lloyd Pans to see how they have addressed this question with others. I know its not an issue with their pans as well as with most pans made in the last few years.
Secondly, just my personal take on it, what are your options? Can’t use a seasoned pan, disk or screen as that is carbon and carbon, in some states is said to be a carcinogenic, can’t bake on the deck for fear of getting any black spots or heaven forbid, carbonized material sticking to the crust, your last options are to bake the pizzas on a piece of ovenable, silicone paper (like a cup cake liner) but used for pizzas, or you could use a bright pan (probably don’t want to use an aluminum pan though) with plenty of oil and fry the crusts making sure to wash after each use to prevent build-up of polymerized oil aka seasoning. Maybe Papa Murphy’s has it right, give them a raw pizza and let them take it home and bake it however they want, in or on whatever they want. Just my two cents worth.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thank you. I will contact Paul.