Coating On Stainless Steel:

We recently purchased a new commercial deep fryer. It’s stainless steel, but the manufacturer has coated the oil well with some kind of enamel (?) or something that can’t be removed (we tried, and it’s on there to stay). That coating attracts food particles, almost “welds” them to the sides, and is very hard to clean, while our other fryers also have stainless deep wells (without any coating) and are very easy to clean … 5 minutes later they (the uncoated ones) look like they did when they were new. Can anyone tell me about this coating and how to either remove it, or somehow deal with it?

I see that as a bonus! It’ll keep the small stuff from sinking to the bottom.

What do you use when you boil out your fryers?

This isn’t the blue colored plastic that is put onto the surface to protect it from damage until the purchaser takes control of it that we are talking about is it?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

What make fryer?
George Mills

No, Tom, I wish it was that. It’s likely baked on somehow, and we couldn’t even scratch it off.

We use “Boil Out”.

It’s Cecilware.

Have you contacted them for assistance or info?

Yep, but nothing there. That’s their standard, and they made no suggestions for dealing with it.

Wow… how helpful!