Coca Cola Freestyle

Does anyone have a coca cola freestyle machine in their restaurant? If so, what are your thoughts about having it?

I don’t have one but it looks to me like a big waste of money…customers try different kinds of combinations only to dump and try something else! I believe Coke USA is making all the money as the operator pays for the cartridges.

Just my .02

Anywhere that I have been that has one that is busy. There is always a line at the soda machine. It seems like you need two to replace one reg. machine

Initially it slows the line for “testers”. It is fun to play with but can be costly if folks waste a lot.
Coke charges $300/mo lease on the machine. The syrup is costly and you have to have an ice machine that puts out a certain shape of ice.
All of the syrups are bar coded and when it is out, you scan in the new one. Coke can download all sorts of info from the machine and even tell the repair man what to do to repair it.
These machines originally cost $45k. The cost is now around $30k. This is why the monthly lease is ineffect.
You have to order syrup water in 5gal bib also.

I used one of these machines at a 5 guys burgers and fries.I thought it was very interesting.I can see how there could be a lot of waste.