Cocktails: Pizzeria

We’re about to expand our beer/wine license to include liquor. Does anyone have any pizza-inspired cocktail recipes? Or mixed drink suggestions?

I’ve heard of some places doing a “pizza-mary”…basically a bloody mary with pizza sauce worked into the recipe, then garnished with pizza toppings (green pepper, red onion, pepperoni, etc…)

Also, subbing basil for mint in a mojito works really well.

So, anyone have any ideas?


I believe a sicilian olive wrapped or stuffed with pepperoni would be a fantastic garnish for a bloody mary

Without knowing the age of your clientele, it’s gonna be difficult for me to suggest cocktails.

Do you have a Manhattan drinking crowd, or a Kamikaze cocktail crowd?

good question! i don’t do alcohol here but i do know mojitos with basil are amaz-balls!!!

Something in between…leaning more towards the Manhattan side of things though. We serve a lot of young professionals and focus on craft beer (24 taps…all high end beer). So our beer goes for $5-$7 per serving, which is moderately high for this market.

Since you already have a craft beer crowd, have you looked at featuring craft distilleries? I don’t know anything about this company, but liked their approach:
“Crafted cocktails using small-batch liquors”?

I saw an amazing bloody mary on Pizza Master TV show… it basically was a meal of garnishes on top of the glass… Maybe your pizza sauce, with a dash of Sriracha and if your going to use a worcheshire, I would never touch anything but Lea & Perrins… I think the flavor is superior… I would come up with 2 unique spears of garnish… You could lightly roast some jumbo garlic cloves, pearl onions and spear them with Whole stuffed Jumbo California Gourmet Olives… Do another spear with roasted link spicy sausage, sliced into 3/4 inch pieces, spear the sausage through the skin so it doesn’t fall off into drink and combine the sausage spear , a cilengine and a piece of Aged Grande Provolone, the real sharp stuff… I would also include one jumbo shrimp on my meat and cheese garnish… Shove some fresh celery in and garnish the glass with a firm roma tomato wedge. I would use fresh tomato juice and titos vodka… Dang that sound good… Chill all your garnishes!!! Top it with a fresh sprig of basil or fresh sprig of oregano for aroma…

Plus one other bonus & L&P brand, it is gluten free for the people who are wrongfully on this gluten free fad yet do not suffer from gluten sensitivities or Celiacs disease