Coffe cup sleeve marketing - New Idea?

I just learned of this idea a couple of days ago while calling on a client; a auto dealership. They had contacted all the local coffee houses, trailers, stands, etc. (think indy’s) and offered to purchase a large amount of cup sleeves for their use if they would distrubute them.

Of course they all said yes, free sleeves, more to the bottom line. The auto dealership would have the sleeves printed with the auto dealership logo and information. Great branding idea at a faily cheap price.

You could have them printed with your logo, message and offer. I did just a quick search, by no means the cheapest place, but 6250 sleeves comes in at about .16 each.

I thought it was a great out of the box idea to get your name, product, into the hands of clients by using someone else’s labor.

I decided to do some checking into this. I went to the neighboring C stores and ask 2 questions the first was how many people use the sleves? and the second was what do they cost? The answers lead me to think this is a poor advertising venue. I was told that about 1 in 7 people who buy hot drinks use the sleves and for the store to buy them the cost about 1 1/2 cents each.

At 16 cents that is way too much for something that gets tossed out. Spend that on magnets or menus or something that will at least get more than a couple seconds of attention.