Cognitive Label Blaster

I purchased a Cognitive label blaster for my pizzas last week , I thought it would be an improvement over the sharpie method. In ways its better and in someways its not.

1)Where can I find labels for the best price im searching but having no luck.

  1. Why is the most important info of the order written sideways, I dont get how this is helpful, im told its the industry standard I dont get why please explain.

  2. it’s interfering with my makeline setup (I have a bunch of menu items that go to multiple makelines- Burgers are an example bc they go to grill and fry stations) now bc of the Blaster printer that function doesnt work. Very frustrating.

Im wondering if I made a mistake buying this label blaster, maybe a thermal ticket that prints when the last pizza of the order is bumped off the makeline.
Please give any opinions on what works for you guys

  1. This is who I purchase my labels through:

Jon Mitchell
Senior Business Consultant | Director of Customer Service
126 W Streetsboro Street, Unit 14, Hudson, OH 44236


p 800.726.7334 X309 | f 800.726.8506 | e |

I buy them in bulk a couple time per year to save on the cost.

  1. The topping information is sideways as the labels are designed to be read when pizza boxes are arranged like books on a bookshelf over the cut line. I wish I had a picture handy to share that shows how we set up that end of the oven.

  2. Do you have tech support that can tweak your make-line programming? A kitchen set up should have the ability to account for multiple “bumps” that trigger different printers as the item travels through the various stations.

Thanks for the lead on labels.

Im wondering why anyone would want to set up pizza boxes sideways like books if they can just keep them the normal way.

On Friday nights when I go to grab pizzas off the oven and the order number, type of pizza, and customer name is written sideways it seems dumb

Tech support is working on getting my menu items that used to go to 2 different makelines back to normal, right now the grill guy has to tell the fry guy to put down fries for a burger…they (the grill)forget to do it nearly everytime
I get nervous theyre going to forget about me, they offer me solutions but more often than not they’re useless solutions

When I worked at PJ’s, what was on the pizza was sideways, and customer/address was level.

Thanks im just frustrated with the new piece of equipment its probably just a matter of getting used to it

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What POS system do you use? We use Richmond Advantage for Blaster labels.
I’ve got Microworks they were able to change my labels a little to better suit me.


I called john at labelmatch but Im not big enough to get a great price.
Richmond paper im at .01 a label

Can you post a pic of your pizza box label or text me a pic?

The problem we had was not being able to read the order # from any distance. They made the last 3 digits of the order # big for me.

I like the BIG order number, that would be helpful.

I wish the pizzas in the order would say 1of2
Then 2of2 etc.
No matter how many pizzas are in the order if lists them all as 1of1.