Cognitive Labels

Anyone using a Cognitive label printer, can you let me know where you are getting your labels. I was paying about $7/Roll, now I can’t find them for under $15. I was told by one company it is because Cognitive printers need a special label and other cheaper labels don’t work in it. I only have 1 roll left and don’t want to spend $180 plus shipping for labels. Thanks

This company has Cognitive labels for $8 to $10 per roll:

I found it on my first Google search. You can probably find them for the same price you were paying with a little work!

On 12/29/06 I paid $10.40/roll (1080 labels/roll). These were the 4.25" x 1.75" labels. Packed 24 rolls in the “master case” and paid $22.03 for shipping. Supplier was Platinum Papers, phone 888 then 294 and 1470. (sorry to write it that way, the forum didn’t allow a normal phone format)

Try I buy my labels from them for about half what my POS company sells them for.