Coke and Pepsi BIB 5 Gallon Price.

Sound off on the cost of your 5 Gallon Coke or Pepsi BIB. I spoke with Pepsi not so long ago and the pricing he gave me was higher then what I’m already paying for Coke – but I keep hearing things about National Pricing, which I’m obviously not on. Anyone part of a trade group that has a rebate program?


when I was with pizza hut we were paying around 9.64 per gallon, and we got a rebate at the end of march I think… a good sized one was like two grand. Not sure what I pay now at my current place.


we pay $103 for TWO 5gal BIB any flavor…or $51.50 delivered
that is with an increase this year.

isnt there a discount through joining NAPA
mid west purchasing
anyone got info on that pricing?

I thought I remembered seeing that too Red Barn, but I couldn’t find anything on the current NAPO website.

wow just went to napo and its not there, its in pmq magazine.
during our new build out I was going to pit pepsi vs coke to see what kind of deals we can get
maybe tom may know whats going on with the midwest purchasing group

$48.90 for 5 gal coke

52.30 for 5 gal bib. We get $1.00 rebate for each case of soda or BIB we buy through the year. Nice check come the end of the year.


Coke $51.41 thru USFoods
Pepsi quoted me $42.60 less .60 rebate if I switched

I am currently paying 9.29 per gallon for a 5 gallon bag in box, I’m sure it’s higher by a few cents for the 3 gallon bags. Not sure if we get a rebate.

Are any of you part of a trade group? Or is this just your normal pricing?


called napo 3 times today but the ONE person that handles it was
one the phone
second time had someone in her office
third time aww she just stepped out
anyone know whats going on with midwest purchasing?

Don’t know if you OWN your Coke/Pepsi dispensers, but Sam’s Club beats the price we pay directly from Coke … BUT, you can’t buy it IF you’re using a Coke supplied machine!

I just got an order in today. I was waiting to see what the invoice was going to actually say.

I am paying 59.50 for a 5 gallon. Which lucky me, is the highest number posted so far.


Many years ago my friend and I took over a pizza place that had a double door Pepsi cooler…The previous owner bought some of her Pepsi product from Pepsi direct…We found the local cash and carry was much much cheaper so so we never ordered from Pepsi…One day the Pepsi rep shows up and says if we want to use their cooler we need to buy direct from Pepsi…I asked him what he was going to do if we refused…He said he would take the cooler…It was older than dirt but still worked…I immediately instructed my delivery drivers to empty it out and put it outside…Of course the rep who was 4 hours from home base had no way to take it…He made a phone call to head office and a few minutes later we got a fax saying the cooler was being given to us…The only stipulation was we kept buying Pepsi but we were no longer locked into buying…Never heard from Pepsi or the rep ever again…RCS…

Sorry YOU lose! We’re having to pay $65.00 for Coke. $36.00 for RootBeer in the 2.5 gallon boxes. I, too, found that I could buy cheaper from the supermarkets (2 liters and cans) for our carryout cooler, so I have been doing that. The rep never visits us, and the only thing they’ve ever said was when we had Pepsi’s orange 2 liters in our cooler and he told us we needed to ONLY put Coke products in their equipment. You just can’t win … but you can still “play games” with them! I figure if I’m paying retail and buying their products they shouldn’t fuss too much!

$48.73 for 5 gal. bib pepsi

49.5 pepsi 5 gallon bib. I buy 2 ltrs from store when on sale. They kill me on those and I sell more of that than 20 ozs