Coke Freestyle

Well i have started the process of gathering information to install the Coke Freetsyle machine into my store. I wanted to check here and see if any one has one. I have used them before and love the variety. From the things I have seen in other places that have it they sell a lot of sodas.


I love a good fountain Coke but when I eat somewhere that has the Freestyle, I don’t buy a soda. I hate the lime flavor that seems to accompany a regular Coke out of these machines. In fact when deciding between two restaurants, one of which has the Freestyle, on more than one occasion we have chosen the one with a regular fountain for no reason other than to not have to drink water.

I have been peeing on my local distributors leg for almost 5 years now trying to get one in here.
Apparently in this particular region, if you are not pouring at least 300 gallons daily, you are lower than whale poop with them.

I am going to make a few calls in March/April outside of my region and start peeing on others peoples legs to see if I can get one. The closest location to me that has one is at a burger king 45+ minutes away.
I was originally quoted $300.00/Month lease costs, on top of all the supplies.
I bet I’ll get featured in Diners, Drive-In, & Dives before I ever get a freestyle unit here.

Yeah there is a 300/month lease and they want you to have a 300 +/yr gallons use. They tell me I get national pricing which is cheaper as well as rewards per gallon. Some how I have now gotten a good rep. usually they arent good Coke or Pepsi.

My friend has the freestyle unit. He told me he uses more product. His soda sales have ticked up a little but not by a lot. He also mentioned that he has seen this time and time again, customers mixing up all their favorite drinks, tasting it then spilling a full cup of soda only to start all over.

Might need more than one also depending on your crowd. I’ve heard that they can cause a line to form with everyone scrolling through and trying different options.

My goofy brother and I were at a sonic down south years ago, and he ordered some wild drink combo with almost all the add-on flavors he could think of into a sprite. He took one sip, and did not look impressed. So, I asked how it tasted and his single word reply was “Turpentine”!

Yep! I’ve seen this at our local Qdoba quite a few times.

yeah I have seen that happen at a local burger place, my coke rep says they want a second machine to support the sales. I have been told they sell a soda with every order!

I have a Freestyle machine and would Never do it again. The main reason is the line. (we use the proper amount of product for our sales, so waste is not an issue) (also as far as people saying the flavors mix, that is simply NOT TRUE. It is in their head. It is just not possible. If you actually see how one works from the inside, you will understand it is not possible for the flavors to mix) When we are busy there is ALWAYS a line. They are going to update the user interface software this month (February 2015) , I wonder if this will make a difference. Sure we could use a second machine but the cost does not justify the rental of two machines. I know they have a counter top version coming out, just have to wait to see how it works out. We do not have a lot of complaints on the line, I just notice it. When my lease is up I will go back to the legacy machine. Yes, it is a 3 year lease at 300.00 a month. I think the machine is way over priced and still has some kinks to be worked out. Coke should be paying us for the information they collect on each machine, it is the Goooooooogle of soda fountains. Of course Pepsi is coming out with their own similar dispenser. I may give it a try. The Pepsi machine is a countertop machine and will be free, I may be able to get more than one installed. A win win for me.

Well, that makes it easier to not want it.!!