coke or pepsi

any chance on my new shop getting plastic glasses (with coke or pepsi) logo on them?

also can I get a price agreement? like .99 a 2 liter?

what are the things that you have gotten from the distributors?

It would make more sense to have your own logo on the cups…Stadium cups are reasonable and 80% of them make it home and are used on average 18 times before they get tossed…There is also a possibility that your soda vendor will co-op the cups with you…RCS…

stadium cups?
is that the printed cups
I was thinking of the reusable red plastic tumblers…

Call a sales rep and have them come out and meet with you. Talk about pricing and what kind of pos products they will give you.

We got a few cases of tumblers from pepsi when we opened but after that we had to buy them at a reasonable price.

We pay 6.60 for our cans and around 52 for our bib and then at the end of the year we get a dollar back for everything we buy.

They provide and repair our machine for free. They also provided a sliding door cooler for the cans at our new store.

We also got plastic table tents and neon sign. (Wall clock and other signage which we didn’t take cause they were gaudy)

We have never been able to get a good price on 2 liters.