Coke & Pepsi Pricing?

What are you paying for 20-ounce? and 2-Liters?

For 20-oz.
I pay $.93/unit for Coke Products, and $.83/unit for Pepsi Products.

For 2-Liter.
I pay $1.32/unit for Coke Products, and $1.08/unit for Pepsi Products.

I pay Pepsi (they own the cooler) $1.88(Canadian) for a 2L + deposit,+Enviro Levi +Tax delivered.
I can buy from tha local grocery stores from $.88 to 1.79 +++Picked up.

Pepsi 20oz- $.75
Pepsi 2 liter- $1.28

i use coke cans at .28 each and 2-liters at .99 each, however i dont get them directly from coke. i go to the local grocery store once a week and load up. the soda companies (coke and pepsi) dont understand the concept of wholesale… i used to buy from coke and they supplied the cooler so i didnt mind paying a little more for the convenience of having it delivered… their prices kept going up and up and up and wouldnt sell it at any quantity to me for what i thaught was fair. they wanted to charge me .74each cans and 1.49 each 2-liters when you can buy it anywhere in stores for the above prices. i told them to take their cooler, bought my own at auction for 250bucks and now i save more than that every month by buying my soda from the retail grocery… also check out sams club if you have one near you.

Why are the beverage companies raping restaurants? we sell a lot of their product. You would think that we could get cut a discount.

Coke 2 liter: .97 cents from Coke. Don’t know cost on 20 oz. When I was with Pepsi there 20 oz prices were insane so I’ve never used them.

I pay 1.03 for 2 liters and .82 for 20 oz from pepsi.

I dont get why anyone paying those prices just doesnt switch to fountain and sell fountain drinks…margins are MUCH better, even with employee drinks, plus you can sell promo jugs/cups and generate even more sales by discounting refills with pizza purchase.

I am shocked people pay 1.25 and up for a 2 litre, I guess thats why I never ever ever buy soda from places I buy pizza, those prices are a joke.

Fountain is good in-store, but you need cans and 2-liters for delivery.
Especially with the big chains always promoting “Free 2-Liters,” customers expect you to carry them. And when you sell them for $2, and no one blinks (when they aren’t using a “free 2-lilter” promo), you can make money with them.

I don’t really push them, but the move anyway…

We have to have 2 liters for delivery as well as 20 oz bottles. I don’t let my drivers deliver fountain drinks because of the potential mess. My prices aren’t as bad as some others, but still… I see your point.

In order to generate interest from vendors, one has to have sufficient sales volume. Our prmarily delivery shop won’t ever get that level to support Atlanta vendors driving 60 miles to sevice our account. When we drive dine-in sales harder this spring, we may be able to get someone’s attention . . . it’s a margins game for the suppliers/vendors as well as for us.

I’d love to get my unit costs down to 5 cents for a cup of post mix from 25 cents for a can. It isn’t as simple as just making it happen in our market.

Unless there is no soda business in your town, you can get service from any of the distributors.

I have a friend who has worked for Pepsi Bottling for 10 plus years and the competition between Coke and Pepsi is fierce, put them against each other and talk to the local sales rep from each and get somthing done.

I would even go with a local small bottler, some Root Beer local joint than pay rip off rates…or work somthing out with a few businesses…co-op buying…somthing.

Unless there is no soda business in your town, you can get service from any of the distributors. <<

True, but not so simple. The beverage companies are the worst sort of bloated nonsensical business. Coke (at least around here) is FAR worse than Pepsi. Coke has trucks in my small town 6 days a week. They will only deliver to me on Wednesdays. If they screw up (as they often do) they will not return until the next Wednesday to fix it. My prices are higher because they have to send a truck farther to service me, because they will NOT send product on the same truck that services the grocery store next to me, and the truck that delivers to gas stations is also a separate truck.

I had a store on the highway and a Coke truck would pass by every half hour at least… Going from one dist center to another. When my product was missing one day, I called my reps bosses boss. I stood outside and watched Coke trucks pass by as I argued with him, and I finally asked why they couldn’t put my 15 cases of product on one of the trucks passing my store… I’M NOT KIDDING… His reply was “We can’t put your product on one of those trucks.” Why? I asked, “Because they are empty.” Holy cow!

I am in negotiations with Pepsi right now. I have worked with them before, I hope to again soon.


When I say small town . . . I mean SMALL town. There is one other restaurant (20 seats) in town who does one third to half the business I do, and we are not a full time operation. Combined we would not have enough business to meet the minimums quoted by Coke, Pepsi and the independent distributor in the nearest town of any size.

The two convenience stores have different sales reps and different territories. Really, I have been round and round and round this merri-go-round. Our situation is one of those that needs to wait for the sales to catch up before we get a decent shot at actual consideration by the larger vendors.

One other comment.

I worked for many FF/QSR establishments and more than one purchased their BIB from the food service providers like Nicholas and Sysco.

Anyone else have an arrangment with the food providers to purchase BIBs directly and bypassing Coke/Pepsi?

I am doing fine (now) with Coke providing a fridge, and cans and 2-liters. And I get my CO2 from the distributor. But my FOOD vendor, who likes me, treats me like a “national account” and gives me better pricing on the syrup than Coke, and so I buy from them.
No flak so far, at all, Coke is happy selling what I do buy.

Does anyone here feel wierd selling Pepsi as they spun off Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and KFC and still are in the ownership of the “commisary” or vendor that delivers their food. I serve both Pepsi products and Coke products, but feel that I am helping Pizza Hut every time I sell a 2 Liter. Anyone else see it this way???

i personally feel that pepsi just isnt as good as coke when it comes to pizza… there is just something bout a fountain coke. fountain pepsi just doesnt cut it for me… I also feel like paul said if you buy pepsi… your helping pizza hut… i have also noticed that. coke has a wider variety. you can get dasani water in 3 flavors plus reg… and you can get powerade. coke just sells more and gives you a better variety tro choose from

Food Services of America, and US Foods sell BIBs

We’re at 60¢ for 20 oz and 99¢ for 2 Liters