Coke Products and Free items.

We just had a coke cooler put into our shop. We filled it with 10 cases of coke products. They said that they could give us free box toppers, as long as 2 of the offers on the toppers involved a coke product. Can you guys give me an idea of a couple offers to offer on the toppers

They also offered banners and signs. What kind of items do you get from your suppliers?

We are struggling pretty good. Just trying to keep things going and stay open. Hoping to turn it around soon.


Is this through Travers Printing?..If so, I thought they had stock designs and all you could do was overprint your name & address…

Im not sure who its through. I know that the Coke rep told us that they would print 1000 box toppers at a time. We could change offers each time, but 2 of the offers had to contain coke products.

I was thinking about a Subway thing…With this program you get to fill in the coupons with your own offers…

FREE 2 Liter with purchase of Large 2 topping pizza and breadsticks for only xx.xx

2 FREE 20 oz sodas with purchase of a Small 2 topping pizza for only xx.xx.

Make these legitimately free offers and just charge menu price for the food items. One of the places around here advertises free items but inflates the price of the required purchase. No one orders these specials from them.

We just stock a single size of drink. 20oz bottles. Free is what works best. Two free sodas with a 14" or 16" one topping pizza works. We also do a slice deal during lunch with a bundled price for two slices and a drink that saves about a buck.

Doing 1000 at a time sounds like a PITA though. In our busy season that would not last a week. I would not want to be thinking about this weekly! We print box toppers 40,000 at a time. See if you can get them to print enough to last a couple of months at a time so you don’t have to fool with this very often.

Wait, you actually had a coca cola rep show up at your business? And then properly service you? How did you manage that?
The district that I am located in is dominated by Pepsi, mainly because Coke won’t even talk to you unless you’re pouring 300+ gallons daily.

Cokes customer service is laughable and noone cares. Its crazy, they are too big to care though. Our rep will promise us some window clings and then we wont see or hear from them for a year when a diff rep shows up and says hey im your new rep…

Really the rep that showed up here said to call him anytime. He lives about 15 minutes from here. mmmm I hope that I dont run into this because they can come get their damn cooler if I do

bwaaa ha ha ha so true!

better shot of wal-mart showing up and saying how can I help you?

Speaking of walmart… for years we bought our beverages there. Price was better. Be sure to bring a copy of your sales tax license so you can buy without sales tax.

Pepsi 20 ounce prices are dreadful, I think I was paying 1.10 a piece before I started going to the 6 pack 24 ouncers they carry at the grocery store. I pay .43 a piece for those and they get an extra 4 ounces… plus I don’t have cases of 24 laying around the back of the store. Safeway routinely runs sales of 1.99 for a 6 pack or sometimes 4 for 11.00 around that price range. At either price it’s better than 1.10 a piece. My rep didn’t seem to care, told him I can’t get through 24 before they expire plus I actually enjoy making money on beverage sales. I’ve never seen a Coke rep, I had a coke employee tell me I should carry Coke but he was a customer and that’s all I heard of it. They weren’t even at Pizza Expo this year.

We were carrying cans of Pepsi, buying them at the store for around 30 cents a can. Now we carry coke 20 oz paying around 1.10 for 20 oz bottle…to help offset the cost, we charge 1.75 for the bottles compared to 1 buck for the cans. We just received a peg menu board and a dry erase board from the coke guy. Put in the order for the box toppers…should get them next week. He was talking about window clings…lets see how that plays out

We charge $2.00 for pepsi 20 oz drinks.

Looks like all that free stuff is costing you a lot of money in margin…You should be able to buy 5,000 8 1/2 x 11 menus for about 200.00…So 1,000 free menus is worth about 40.00…

Back in 2007 I was at the NRA show in Chicago, Coke had their booth there, as I was walking by, a gentleman asked if I’d care for an ice-cold Coke, I politely declined and mentioned that I am done with Coke due to the attitude of my local bottle/distributor.
He seemed genuinely concerned and wanted more info. So I called my local distributor on speakerphone, and tried to place an order with him listening in, He heard them specify a $650.00 minimum order, and them tell me to go to the grocery store if I couldn’t order that quantity.
About a week later, one of my friends who was a field service tech at that distributor told me about bigwigs flying in from Atlanta, and how the sales team got chewed out for several hours.
It is now only a 10 case order instead of $650.00, but I still haven’t seen a sales person in over 3 years. I called 7-8 times in a month to try to get an 8 head fountain installed and gave up, I called Pepsi and Pepsi came within 24 hours, and set us up with cups, promo material, menu board, etc etc. And I hear from my salesperson weekly.
The only coke products we sell are bottled in Mexico and made with real sugar.

It is a 10 case order for free delivery. Delivery is $15.

2 ltrs are about 1.65 each…or you can order a crap load and have the price dropped down to 1.18 each…either way its still cheaper for 2ltrs at the store.

Box toppers are ordered and should be here next week. The sales rep told me that if I want anything from coke solutions to order through him, because its free then.

Im checking out the website today, just to see what they offer.

I pay $1 for coke 20 oz and about .84 for pepsi. I was at the highest tier for pepsi, until I called and nagged the rep costantly. I told him I could sell more if he gave me a better price.once I even told him my father,who started the business, was buying products from Pepsi before he was even born!!(he really was)
I think he got tired of the calls,reviewed my account and lowered my down a notch,on what seems to be a 3 tier system.Before I used to buy the 24 oz Pepsi bottle for a while too,but that got old, and they didnt seem as popular.Coke is a lost cause,Pepsi is by far the better company to deal with.