Collecting Customer Data via WiFi

Has anyone heard of this company? I’ve stumbled upon them by looking for another free email marketing site.

It looks like they customize your WiFi to collect customers data, email address, birthdate, etc. They can’t login to the WiFi without it. It looks like Anthony’s Coal Fired Pizza uses them, but has anyone else tried it or anything like it?



They bugged me forever. It’s expensive and some people on the net I asked about it claimed it was even illegal in some states. Not sure how true that is, because I ever got past the price. 299 a month if I remember correctly…

Cool features though. Just a hard pill to swallow for that price.

Thanks for the response, yeah it seemed a little shady to me to collect info like that but I’m sure it’s happening all over and we just don’t know it. If that’s the price it’s not worth it at all…

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I don’t think it’s shady to have someone create an account to use WiFi - think it’s a great way to get emails. $299 though - that’s obscene!

We use one of these at the shop with the tomato firmware. It has a captive portal that allows us to get information from customers and then providing WiFi access.