Colorado members

I am doing some early planning for a trip in July. I will be flying into Denver and renting a car to head to a class reunion in Delta. My thought is to do a circle around the state. I would like to see as many of your stores as time permits.

Well if your up around Boulder, i am sure you could find me in the store :slight_smile:

Boulder is on my list of places to stop in.

Daddio… don’t forget Steamboat! Not on the way to Delta but a nice drive nevertheless. There are once-in-a-while TTers in Fruita and Salida too. Do you fly fish?

bodegahwy, you are definitely on the list. I haven’t been in Steamboat Springs in 45 years. I have never tried fly fishing.

Boulder, Louisville (5 miles from Boulder) and by July my BRAND NEW build out of my shop in Longmont.

How about a TT get-together while Daddio is in our state? PMQ should send someone too…

I have talked with PMQ and there is some interest. We will have to see what happens. In the meantime TT members in CO please let me know where you are if you would like a visit. The plan is to arrive in Denver mid week and circle the state. I will be in Delta on the weekend then back to Denver mid week.

What are the dates Daddio?

Tentatively July 15 to 22

Not too far from Delta or on the way there one way or another to/from Denver there have been members in Fruita and Salida that I have communicated with at one time or another.

So, I spoke to my Dad, @Steve Green PMQ , and he’s really excited about this! We’re trying to figure out who gets to go. Probably gonna be someone from the video staff, lucky ducks!

Fort Collins near Colorado State University! Come on in!

Hmmm Can I go on the road trip too? Sounds like fun!

Which shop Nate?

Looking to move to Colorado Springs August 1 , buildout 2/3 complete before moving, hope to open in October. Accepted bid from contractor today !

Yuu folks are going to enjoy dadios company. he is one of the best.
George Mills

Thanks George coming from you that means a lot.

I am working in finalizing the plans for My Colorado Trip. PMQ will be tagging along to visit with the shops I stop at. I will be in the state from July 15th to 22nd. The plan is to travel counter clockwise around the state starting and ending in Denver. @d9phoenix[/USER] [USER=4758]@314[/USER] [USER=1624]@bodegahwy[/USER] [USER=11783]@Nate could you please send me a PM with your contact information. Any other Colorado operators that want to be included please PM me with your contact info.

Some time ago someone from the Hot Tomato Cafe in Fruita was on the TT for a bit but I have not seen them recently. Worth a stop if you could track them down.