Colorado Ski Resort Stores for Sale

I have not posted this for a while so I thought I would mention it again:

My two stores in a Colorado ski resort are listed for sale.

Store #1: Delivery and Carryout. Established 9 years. Annual sales (not including sales tax) about $460K
Store #2: Seasonal slice location in the base complex of the ski resort. Established 15 years. Thanksgiving - April 6 sales (not including sales tax) about 160K

All equipment and small wares included. Includes delivery vehicles. Delco has a stacked pair of MM Super 70s. Capacity is about 120 pies per hour. Slice location has a triple stack of Lincoln Impingers.

This is a business with a seasonal high and low. The biggest month in the last 12 was Jan at 110K, March was 2nd at 105K followed by Dec at 98K. That is with both locations cranking. In the off season with the slice location closed we will drop to about 20-25K per month (which is nice and relaxing after 4 months of running hard!)

We have several years of consectutive growth. All sales are reported. Financials are above-board and transparent. Opportunties for growth are: start taking credit cards, (in 9 years we never have), add to the menu, open seasonal location in the summer (lots of development in the area over the next two years), very good chance of the main post office moving next to delco which will increase carryout traffic.

Owner’s discretionary cash flow is about 135K.

New leases available to buyer.

Real estate in both locations is also for sale (I own both).

Call me at 303 517 3590. I am a licensed broker in Colorado.


those MM Super 70s have 20" wide belts or 32"?

Good luck with the sale, i’m sure you won’t have many problems, afterall, who doesn’t want to give the good life in the mountains and run their own biz…

thats is " live the good life" I sould really proof read my posts!


The belt width is 40". Two 16" go side by side with room to spare.

This sounds like a wonderful business. Skiing WAS my passion before pizza but it came back slowly this winter : ) Almost a record and ALL powder with the exception of two storms. It really sounds great; a sound buyer would be silly not to jump on this.