Colorado & Weed

Over the weekend I had to re-write our store policy on weed since the change in the law last year made my old policy obsolete.

With it now being legal for people over 21 to have and smoke weed here our new policy is the same as we have had for alcohol for 16 years:

  1. Can not consume or be under the influence at work. Will be fired. No warnings.
  2. Manager on duty must enforce #1 or manager will be fired too.
  3. Can not have it in the work place, even in personal pack in employee area. Ever. One warning as long as not under the influence.
  4. Can not have it in company cars. Ever. Will be fired. No warnings.

The ever-changing world.

What was the old policy? How did it differ from what you currently have?

I know I’d rather have someone who smokes a bit more than what is considered casual use, than having a “More than casual” drinker. And for more than a few different reasons.

Used to be that #3 was cause for termination as well since they were putting me at risk by having it there. Same for a manager that was aware of it. Now that it is not against the law for them to have it, I thought that was excessive.

my 2 best guys partake in extracurricular herbal activities, but they know better than to ever have it in here, or come in smelling like Bob Marleys bunghole with eyes looking like to bloody pee holes in the snow.
Potheads are Much much much easier to deal with than drunks IMO, and heads and tails above users of white crystalline substances.
One of my guys even took a flight to Denver for a long weekend just to partake in the loosened herbal medicine laws.
I like it when he texts me an hour after close with some pretty insane pizza combinations, I always save those texts, and oddly enough, a few of those chemically induced pizza ideas ended up on our specialty pie menu.
Hmmm, I think I now know why our dinner rush always hits at about 4:30’ish, and it is not the retirees showing up at that time either, they are usually here at 3:45

It’s like they think they are above the law. No sure how much pre-work or on the job drinking I have ever had but this weed usage is unreal.

I feel the combination of legal weed and the teens/near 20 somethings that went through the economy problems in 2008-2011 are what is preventing me from being able to hire enough drivers too.

How about a little love and compassion ? Inspire them to reach their goals in life more easily with a clear thinking brain. I tell employees I used to toke for years and how i couldn’t possibly run my business the way i do now wearing the fog hat, forgetting all the important small details that make my business a success. I tell them i enjoy life MORE without getting high ,