Coloring Pages for Your Pizza Place

Hey, I’m trying to update my stock of coloring pages that we give to the kiddies to keep ‘em off their parents’ backs! I can only find “free” ones online with varying terms of use. Does anyone know how usable these actually are? I deal with about 80 big-name pizza places so I need to be pretty careful. Otherwise, does anyone have any good resources for legit, royalty free, rights managed images? Hit a brother up. Needs the helpzzzz :oops:

Are you a pizza place looking for resources, or a vendor looking to improve your materials for sales? Only difference it makes to me is the kinds of resources I would look for out there to recommend. I have a friend who has, I believe, developed some for us, but am careful who I would offer them to. Also some places allow free use for kids, while demanding licensing for sales or enterprise use of any kind.

Ya, I am the Pizza Place. I work for a franchise of one of the Big Three, but we try to keep everything as “in-house” as possible as far as marketing goes, and this falls under that category. We just need some for in our restaurants.

it probably doesnt help you but we just use

have you tried your food purveyor? when I ran my Hut, we could order placemats the kids could color.