Combining online ordering with facebook

We have been driving our facebook fan page and are up to 1136 fans tonight. We also recently added online ordering. Recent reports have our online orders at 4% of the business.

That online ordering is so much easier once the customer is set up, we have made it a priority to get people on the system for the first time.

We are running a promo wednesday that offers a free 14" cheese with the purchase of any other food item. The way we set it up it is really a $13 discount on an order that includes a 14" or 16" pizza with another food item. That way the customer can add toppings or change sizes and still get the benefit of the $13 off (full price of a 14" cheese). We are requiring that the order be placed on line to get the deal. We are also ONLY promoting this on FB.

I told our local newspaper ad rep about this and they want to run it on thier site next week to compare impressions, clicks and orders placed. Sounds interesting to me!