Combo Gas/wood oven advice

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opening a small bistro sized unit in upper end small town marketplace. 350 sf-- would like to offer rustic pizzas and stromboli’s-- have been cooking at home-built wood-fired oven. 20 to 30 pies an hour max (9-10")

Oven Pics Link- … eTwoHearts

considering earthstone 110, woodstone bistro, and modena from forno bravo. L.P.

any thoughts or advice appreciated.



What was the final cost and time spent building that oven?

Very impressive photo gallery.


Where are you located in the world?

I don’t think that gas is worth it in the oven. Go wood.

The Forno Bravo oven might be the best bang for the buck.



slab and foundation- 1000 by others
masonary labor- Ben (me) and Ivan (nephew) - 60 hours (including table and patio)

materials- 3,000
roofing- 1500 m&l
framer- 850

insulation - 120

6-7k plus labor.


18901- doylestown pa

I am more concerned about help keeping the fire going, storage for wood is limitted and PIA, and there will probably be some things i want to bake that the gas wouyld be easier.

i emailed forno-- how much is there’s-- you use one?


HI BCiliberto:

May I ask what the 350 sf-- indicates?

George Mills

Good morning!

It’s the size of the shop- 350 sq ft.-- located in a center of town marketplace of shops. space is all work area. large window to Main st, 4 stool counter bar, and takeaway counter, and we’ll have a late night takeout window on street.

An attractive facade on the oven, with a spotlight, will make it a real eye-catcher in town! I can see the flames dancing in the windows now! :smiley:

That is a really small shop.

Have you looked into the small “Pacific Brick” gas ovens?

For me, for pizza, the problem I have with most of these ovens is the deck height. I would want a very low deck height for pizza.

Good morning!

No i hadn’t-- looked over website and dropped them a note. Right now it looks like leading candidates are earth-stone 90, and wood-stone bistro.

I need all the commercial certifications in my area. Do you use a Pacific Brick? The is an operation with an earthstone 110 near me i will be visiting this week.

Any one with advice hear it would sure be appreciated, these babies sure are an investment :roll:

Business plan is to do 90 -110 personal size pizzas a day, plus casseroles, meatballs, walk-away lunch dinner snack dishes-

thanks !