Comcast Phone

Has anyone used Comcast for phone service? The good / bad… What’s your setup (# of lines- TV – Internet)? Thanks

We are in the delivery business. 90% or more of our business comes in through the phones. Knowing how often my comcast internet is down (several times per month) I would never have the lifeline of my business relying on comcast. No phones, no business.

I agree, can’t say I’m a fan of comcast. I wouldn’t trust them with my business.

ditto. I did a lot of research on this and other internet phone solutions. I just couldn’t justify the savings vs. the possibility of down-time.

Something also to remember is that you will more than likely lose all or some of your local phone book listings. We had that issue with a client they went VOIP and got removed from the local list, and white pages. The phone company said if you are not a paying customer you don’t get listed.

Granted most people here have a yellow pages ad, it can still cause a little issue.

I believe most online directories get thier info from the local phone books so you will likely end up removed from these as well.

I’ve been using Comcast for 4 months, NO Problems, No down time. Better custmer service then my phone company( you talk to real people when you have questions). Saving $300.00 per month.When you sign up they take care of the white pages, the 411 online and the 411, you still get all of it. Im also switching my flower shop phones to them when we move to our new location. No problems with them here!!What