Coming Soon Banners

Have any of you ever done a coming soon banner with a date countdown? I want to know how to make a banner that allows us to change the days left to opening every day for

Thanks… moving from pizza to other stuff as you can tell

Neat idea. But if unforeseen issues come up, delaying your opening, you lose credibility even before the first pie is served. In my opinion, I’d stick to the non-countdown version. Plus, (maybe this is just me) but I didn’t want droves of people on my first day. The store, the staff, and the customers are all new. Letting the place debug a little bit can prove beneficial in the long term.

I agree with PF.

Let your opening be soft and “work out the kinks” of your operations, and then have a countdown to a grand opening.

IF I were in your shoes, that’s how I’d do it.

I’d sort of agree with the above comments BUT to be honest local banners are only going to make an impact on a relatively small number of people. Maybe the count down is for the grand open but you open the shop 1 weeks earlier for soft open. I like the idea of a count down - you want to build some anticipation in the town rather than just creeping in.

Just out of interest can you explain the link with toothpicks and the total tab surely its fairly easy to hide them not like plates at dim sum?

I have a soft opening planned 1 week before the projected grand opening so we can “work out” the kinks… I figured the banner might be a good idea

Working out the kinks can take 2 months…i never even had a grand opening, i never had to. The day we opened there was a customer outside waiting for 11…not what i was expecting

Same thing happened to me. I arrived at the store that was still being finished up and found a note taped to the door. It said “I want to be your first customer, here’s my phone number. Please advise.” We opened about 3 days later and I called him right after turning on the open light for the first time. He was there 3 minutes later, and then we were busy all day. Well, busy for that time… it would be a slow Monday now, but we were “slammed”.

We never even advertised that we were opening, and all these people were showing up that we didn’t know. I almost had a panic attack that first day.

i dont know any hoe’s that makes banners :smiley:

I didn’t expect any less from a TN folk

Instead of discouraging the banner idea, I want to give a couple thoughts I had when reading the thread.

  1. I agree that a sense of anticipation can really generate some frenzy and excitement. It did when we had our re-opening last year in June. We ultimately decided against a countdown thing. Lots of things in our marketplace just made it less attractive.
    You can get a banner made with a void space . . . use velcro tabs or something like that in that empty spot and on the numbers . . . and print up large numbers to put on foam core that you can switch out each morning. Foam Core is inexpensive, looks nice, and you can put large peel and stick numbers on them. Alternatively, there is always a set of those numbers for the lighted marquee signs. They are clear plastic with colored numbers/letters on them.

  2. Be absolutely certain to have your “A” game when the big day comes. The impact you can make will make fanatically loyal customers out of many of those who come.

  3. Consider making it a festive atmosphere on the Grand Opening. Maybe live music, drawings for door prizes, etc.

  4. The one drawback that has been mentioned is that you can lose confidence if you blow past the date or back up the countdown. You can make it work . . . I just suggest having the plan for how to “sell the delay” to the marketplace. Maybe something as simple as “We wanted to be certain we offer our best to you, and it will take a few days longer than we expected . . . the delay is worth it to us in order to serve our customers.”

  5. GREAT opportunity to cross-market with another ethnic business or any other business. They can get in on mailers, flyers, banners that you create . . . they can help pay for your marketing expenses. In return, they get to tag along with the new business frenzy you are creating. Reduce marketing costs AND network with fellow business people. A nice day spa could be a creative partner with you. A day of luxury and a fine meal to top it off.

  6. Your local Chamber of Commerce may have some sort of grand opening program available. Ours did a ribbon cutting ceremony and ran an article in the paper for us. Any member can get that done.

Thanks Nick!!! I really really do appreciate it!!!

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i will take that as a copliment seeins we came from cali :smiley: banners work great we use the heck out of them just wouldnt set a certain day on it maybe month or week.

I was just trying to make something new… oh well :slight_smile:

Ask your banner people about material that you can write on with either dry erase markers or china markers (grease pencils). they may have some sort of material that can be use dfor that. They print the sign/banner portion, and you fill in the countdown numbers.

I have done the dry erase thing in the past! It’s not bad! but looks kindo of messy after a couple weeks.


[b]We found a really great solution. I found an electronic score board ($50) and cut a hole in a banner and put the numbers through! it looks great, once I have the real thing done I will show it to you.

banner 150 + electronic numbers $50 = Total 200… effect PRICELESS!!!

[/b] :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

Sounds like a great solution. And once you open, I’m sure you can find another use for it.

I’ll have to see it in person, I live ~10 minutes from downtown Fullerton. :wink:

Great!!! It will be up next week! Please come on by :slight_smile:

Sounds like a plan.