Commercial recipes for misc. baked goods

Can anyone point me in the right direction for a cookbook/recipebook/textbook that shows how to make some simple baked goods in a commercial environment?

I would like to use my deck ovens and 80qt mixer to whip up some cinnabun-like cinnamon rolls for my church one Sunday and maybe a batch of cookies or similar. Would rather work with true commercial recipes than trying to scale up one from Betty Crocker.
Thank you.

“Professional Baking” by Wayne Gisslen is a good one, it is required reading in the Le Cordon Bleu cullinary program. Most of the formulas are in bakers percentages so you can easily scale up or down as needed. “The Professional Pastry Chef” by Bo Friedberg is excellent for pastries. Most everything is given only in weights, but it is fairly easy to convert to %'s for easy scaling.

Thank you very much!