Commercial touting "new product invention"

Just in case anyone was wondering, there is at least ONE independent shop that has been serving seasoned nubs of dough . . . both baked and fried. We called them Nick’s 'Nuts (short for doughnuts) for about 4 years starting in 2007. Cinnamon sugar, garlic romano, lemon pepper, parmesan, and garlic. It makes me giggle that the national economy chain is touting their brilliant discivery by an employee.

Nothing like seeing things with “new eyes”. At least they are using employee credit as a positive PR message to shrug the corporate evil label ubiquitous in so much political banter these days. Smart on their part.

Kind of relevent…

Yesterday my owner was telling me how a customer was suggesting we stop thinking of ideas involving french fries because everyone has them. Instead, he suggested garlic knots…

Head shaking ensued…

Yes we have been making them also. Started about 16 months ago.

BTW…We also make cinamon sticks about 4 months before they started them. Ours are famous in this area. Whatever happened to theirs?

I’ve seen the Dom ads about these dough bites…and the wonderful employee… I am sure a delivery driver :wink: … that invented this. Ok…cut up breadsticks into 2 inch pieces and sprinkle with garlic parm seasoning! WOW! They didnt even need all those degree holding chefs from their corporate kitchen to come up with this one?

I have one… a pizza pan that is deep dish on half and ny thin on the other. I call it the “Chicago Pothole Pie” Smooth to get ya started and then you hit the deep end and it’s all over from there. I think it’s a winner. :mrgreen: I also have my lawyer watching to see if PH or Dom comes out with one in the near future. :x

Guys, these have been around in one form or another since I was a kid. And I’m no kid anymore.

I notice the majority of these “discoveries” come from posters outside the North East.

Come on up; it’s worth the learning experience. And bring a tanker to bring the water back with you. It’s 90% of the dough differences I read about on the TT.

Well duh they all say it is the NY water… my bigger complaint is in almost 2 full days nobody liked my “Chicago Pothole Pie” ??? The name is atleast catchy! :roll:

Mike, We have been making the part thick/part thin pizza off and on for years although we don’t advertise it. Usually it is the result of somebody not caring enough while stretching dough, sometimes it is because somebody did not care enough while rolling dough balls. Now I have a justification to charge more for it rather than doing a remake.
Thanks for my new marketing campaign.
Now we need something to cover the uneven distribution of sauce.