common house flies

What is a good product to control common house flies. It’s getting fly season down here and every time someone opens the door it seems as if one or two come on in.

Anyone use the electronic traps with success or the air curtains for the doors?

We do not have a big problem with fly’s here, i just use a fly swatter. But i have worked at stores in the past where they had bad problems with fly’s durring the summer. We used hanging fly strips outside of the food area, and out of sight of customers. Now days i hear the health dept looks down on them, but they work like a god send.

Health dept wants those electronic fly zapper. ( restaurant grade ) They run about $150 -$200 and around $30 every couple of months to replace the bait in them. They work OK, nothing great.

We used to have a problem with them as well. A few years ago I had to replace the motor on my make-up air and I installed a slightly higher RPM motor. The building now has a small positive pressure and I haven’t seen a fly in here since. It wasn’t the reason I changed it, but it was a welcome side effect. Perhaps you could solve the problem with a little more make-up air.

Thanks so much for the replies… I’ll definitely turn up the make up first and hope that helps.

I do not believe that you can legally use a bug zapper in a food service situation, but the UV glue traps are acceptable, yet my experience has shown me they are next to useless.
I’ve had better luck with simple sticky paper tapes. They look like crap, but they do work without raining down electrocuted insect innards into your food prep area.

Air curtains work nicely, but some customers will pitch a fit when their hair gets blown out of place.

An other option is to adjust your make-up air on your hood so you have a slight positive pressure instead of negative pressure sucking insects inside.

Go old school, put a plastic bag half filled with water and hang it at the top of the door frame so it is visible.
The water will cause the flys’ vision to defract and they won’t come in. I have used this at my wife’s business, hairdresser, as well as my house in the summer time. It will work, guaranteed.

Be sure to address the fly situation outside of your store too. Make sure trash containers are as far away from any doors as possible and make sure they are and stay covered.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Good Point!
Maybe you’ll have better luck than I did using a fly bait around my dumpsters than I did,
I had no idea the smell of the bait was so rancid, it smelled worse than a dumpster. I had to sweep the bait up, get it into a sealed plastic bag, and dispose of it due to the smell emanating from it.

I also found improvement when we used garden lime on the ground around my dumpster. Spillage is common with the trucks, and the lime kept down the smell and flies from the spillage. Check your neighboring businesses and their garbage … if they have food waste uncovered, they are over-sharing.