Community Involvement

What are all of you doing in your communities? I’m looking for something new to get my name out

“Food in Mouth” Advertising

To attract more quality oriented patrons, look for worthy local charity events and offer to feed their volunteers for free. Typical groups include firefighters, the local SPCA, Rainbow Society, etc. Ask event organizers for a count of volunteers and provide that many “personal pizza” gift certificates.

In addition to building goodwill, this an effective “non price” way to get potential patrons to taste your pies for the first time. As a result, many will eventually become loyal repeat customers!

We will donate to anything that is locally based and involves kids. This might be only a silent auction certificate for a pizzas party with three large pies, drinks and ice cream or it might be 100 pies to a community playground construction day.

We also give free pizza to the river clean-up day and to the Bonfils blood drive every time they have them.

All in all, our free pizza to various clubs, teams and non-profits must be several hundred pizzas per year.

I much prefer to give our high end combos as they really set us apart from other local shops. Once I am giving away pizzas, adding another dollar or two in toppings is a small increase in cost that more than doubles the impact. This is especially true when an organization is hitting up a bunch of local stores and the other guys donate plain cheese.

I am very involved in our local Rotary club.

probably to late but we are a huge part in the “night out against crime” nation wide event. This year it is held on august 6th and we work hand in hand at Halloween time with local police with an event. We mostly target elementary schools, football and other sports.